Parent Letter

Business Tech/ Info Tech / STEAM

Mr. Blech

Hoover, Rm E-36

Parents and Students,

Welcome to Business Technology, Info Tech and STEAM classes. I am looking forward to working with you this semester. With a positive attitude and effort, students will enjoy learning valuable, life-long technology and career skills.

Course Description:

Business Technologies is a one-semester course. Areas of study include keyboarding, skill-building, software explorations, literacy, employability skills, career exploration, and internet research. Students will design and format reports, tables, brochures, and compose business letters of application as well as resumes.

Info Tech is a one-semester course focussing on programming. Areas of study include Python programming language. Arduino MicroProcessor programming and building of circuits. Students will explore a web-based program introducing them to the Python language. We will also explore several other programming and game websites to inspire our own projects.

S.T.E.A.M. is a one-semester course focussing on

Course Outlines:

  • Business Tech

1. Keyboarding by touch ( and NitroType)

2. Google Docs - word processing, templates, resumes, letters, and brochures

3. Google Slides - Presentation tools

4. Google Sheets - Charting graphs, as well as equation manipulations

5. Photo manipulation using

6. Audio manipulation using Garageband/Audacity

-6. Audio exploration websites (incredibox, chrome music lab, soundation)

7. Interior Design as well as house modeling (homestyler)

9. 3D object design and printing (tinkercad)

10. Minecraft Education Edition (Community building and teamwork, practice coding)

  • Info Tech

  1. Python Programming - Code Combat

  2. Python - Ozaria

  3. ZORK rpg - (Learn to create your own Text RPG)


  5. Website Portfolio

  6. Tynker

  7. Depending on how the semester ends (Minecraft Education Edition)





Students are expected to follow procedures for turning in work. Assignments and dues dates will be listed on the google classroom website. Students are expected to turn in work when it is due. Late work will not be accepted after the due date, except, in the case of absences.

Progress reports are sent home at the four and a half week mark. Please feel free to email any questions to me at I may have missed something, but I will correct anything if it needs to be corrected.


Students are required to make up work missed due to absences. It is the student's responsibility to make arrangements with me to make up the work. Full credit will be given for make-up work only if it is turned in within one or two days after the absence. If make-up work is requested ahead of time, it is due when the student returns to school.


School issued Chromebook

Classroom Behavior Expectations:

Students are expected to follow Hoover's code of conduct.

Be Respectful Be Prepared Be Productive Be Prompt Be Responsible

Respect the rights of others to learn!

Thank you for taking the time to read over my syllabus. Together we can have a great time learning new technology even if we have to start learning remotely. I look forward to working with you all.

-Kessick Blech